Butterfly and Moth stock photographs

Story posted: Sunday, 2. September 2012 by Charles Sainsbury-Plaice


Have just uploaded 150 new butterfly and moth stock photographs into insects and bugs category on to the agripix rural image library. Available royalty free for use in magazine article's, corporate literature, advertisiing, exhibition and display and website use. Butterfly images and moth images include:

Large Blue Butterfly photographs
Gatekeeper butterfly photographs
Dark Green Fritillary photographs
Painted Lady photographs
and many other butterfly species

Pepperd Moth photographs
Lime Hawk Moth photographs
Garden Tiger Moth photographs
Shark Moth photographs
and many other moth species

Sir David Attenborough warns that butterfly populations may suffer this year because of recent wet weather.

Butterflies in trouble:

  • Painted lady: Found on every continent except South America, these strong flyers are capable of long-distance migrations such as from north Africa to the UK
  • Common blue butterfly: Males have violet-blue upper wings, while females that inhabit the northern or western parts of the UK tend to be bluer than those in the south
  • Small tortoiseshell: One of our most familiar butterflies has experienced a rapid decline in the south
  • Brimstone butterfly: Males have yellow upper-wings while females are pale yellow-green, almost white in flight



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