Aspects of a days shooting photography

Story posted: Monday, 30. July 2012 by Charles Sainsbury-Plaice

Side by Side 12 Bore with heather behind

Come mid August I will find myself putting on my tweeds, loading my Hassleblad and Canon digitals into the boot of my car and going off to a Grouse Moor with one of several teams of guns. The clients range from The Field magazine to a plethera of private clients, in all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds, shooting on farms, estates, moors and wetlands across the British Isles. For me the essence is to capture aspects of the whole day from the guns arriving, socializing, drawing pegs, action in the field, dogs, beaters etc. Also those detail shots that people rarely notice such as the close up of rain on a wax jacket, the detail of the engraving on a particular gun, a close up of some plumage all add to the flavour of a day. Weather plays an important part and one has to adjust to the conditions, and more importantly get a result. One particular dark, wet and windy winters day springs to mind In North Wales, before the age of digital, on a pheasant shoot, shooting slide film, it was too dark to get a result for an article in The Field, however editors need results and knowing this I resorted to taking a series of silhoettes against an assortment of stormy skies. It worked and needless to say made the editors cut. As a result I have always endeavoured to take a few silhoettes wherever possible as they make one question the story of the image. The same old story - don’t show everything - leave some room for the audience’s imagination.


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