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Shoot Day Photography

Story posted: 28. April 2014 by Charles Sainsbury-Plaice

Shoot day photography


Charles Sainsbury-Plaice is one of the UK's leading Country Sports photographers and is available for commission on private client days. Images can be published as stunning books which are the ideal way to remember your experience. Discretion is of paramount importance and Charles is a trusted pair of hands. Having worked for The Field Magazine and HRH The Prince of Wales over the past 20 years he realises the importance of what to photograph and what not to photograph.


When it comes to taking amazing images of shooting and fishing, Charlie Sainsbury-Plaice is one of the best in the world. I discovered him when he was a relatively unknown polo photographer. Since then, he’s done over 50 covers for the The Field and countless features. Charlie understands that The Field demands great pictures that capture both action and atmosphere. And because he shoots and fishes,  he instinctively selects the one moment that tells the story.

He is also pretty well house trained, carries Marlboro Lights and knows how to hold his knife properly – the three qualities you need in a travelling companion and general partner in crime.

Jonathan Young, Editor, The Field

My first exposure to CSP was when he brilliantly captured me missing an easy woodcock in a Pembrokeshire wood, an image which haunts me to this day. Charles’ great skill lies in his unfussy style. He spots the moment, records it and the job is done. Much of this is down to anticipation, not just of the opportunity, but also the fact that his subjects are generally not models and certainly not patient! Whether in a welsh woodland or the House of Lords, CSP will blend invisibly into the background, but the result is always of the highest standard

Simon Hart MP

The great thing about having Charlie on a shoot is that he makes everyone feel extremely relaxed and simply takes natural, fantastic photographs. He has such attention to detail that it is quite often that he takes a shot of something that no one else has noticed and in doing so adds another dimension to the subject that he is photographing. The photos bring out the character in people and the beauty of the environment that they are taken.

Charlie knows what makes a great picture and seems to be able to get them. Having shot, fished and travelled with Charlie, he knows what is required in all situations.

Adam Bromfield, Roxton Bailey Robinson

‘We regularly use CSP as we have found him totally reliable, efficient and discrete.  Much of this is down to his understanding of and enthusiasm for rural locations, the environment and the people with whom he comes in touch.  The results have always come up to a high standard.’

Bertie Ross, The Duchy of Cornwall


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